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Thornybush Simbambili Lodge - Sabi Sands South Africa

Simbambili Game Lodge

Thornybush Simbambili Lodge - Sabi Sands South Africa

Nestled within the embrace of Thornybush Private Game Reserve, Thornybush Simbambili Lodge beckons discerning travelers with a promise of unparalleled luxury and a deep connection to the African wilderness. 


Accommodation at Thornybush Simbambili Lodge

**1. Elegant Sanctuaries:
The accommodations at Simbambili Lodge transcend the ordinary, presenting guests with elegant sanctuaries that seamlessly blend with the natural splendor surrounding them. Each private suite is a masterpiece of design, adorned with carefully curated decor that reflects both opulence and the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. As you step into your haven, you’re met with an atmosphere of tranquility, where the outside world fades away, leaving only the soothing sounds of nature.

**2. Panoramic Bush Views:
Awake to the breathtaking panorama of the African bushveld right outside your window. The strategically positioned suites provide sweeping views that capture the essence of the untamed wilderness. Whether lounging on your expansive deck, taking a dip in your private plunge pool, or enjoying an outdoor shower surrounded by the sounds of the bush, every moment is a celebration of the natural beauty that defines Simbambili Lodge.

**3. Luxurious Amenities:
Indulge in a world of lavish amenities crafted to enhance your safari retreat. Sink into sumptuous linens on a king-sized bed after an exhilarating day of wildlife encounters. The well-appointed interiors are complemented by modern conveniences, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication. From the fine details of your suite to the expansive common areas, Simbambili Lodge invites you to experience luxury in every aspect of your stay.

**4. Personalized Service:
The attentive and warm hospitality of Simbambili Lodge’s staff elevates your experience to unparalleled heights. Your dedicated lodge team is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your stay exceeds expectations, from personalized dining experiences to organizing bespoke activities that cater to your individual preferences. Your comfort is not just a priority; it’s a passion.

**5. Nighttime Splendor:
As the sun sets, Simbambili Lodge transforms into a magical haven. The starlit sky above the African bush becomes your celestial canopy, offering a front-row seat to nature’s nighttime symphony. Whether enjoying a private dinner on your deck or gathering around the communal firepit, the nocturnal ambiance creates an unforgettable atmosphere that lingers in the heart.

**6. Secluded Romance:
Simbambili Lodge is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to romance. Perfect for honeymooners or those seeking a romantic escape, the secluded setting and intimate ambiance make it an ideal haven for couples. Share the magic of the African

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Dining at Simbambili Lodge

Culinary Mastery: A Gastronomic Journey at Simbambili Lodge
Thornybush Simbambili Lodge not only captivates with its luxurious accommodations and wildlife encounters but also tantalizes the taste buds with a culinary experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey that combines local flavors, international flair, and the enchanting ambiance of the African bush.

**1. Gourmet Breakfasts:
Begin your day with a feast for the senses as Simbambili Lodge presents a gourmet breakfast spread that caters to every palate. From freshly baked pastries to a selection of tropical fruits and savory delights, the breakfast menu is a celebration of the diverse culinary influences that make up the lodge’s dining experience. Savor your meal against the backdrop of the awakening African bush, setting the tone for a day of adventure.

**2. Bush Picnics and Brunches:
For those who prefer to take their culinary journey into the heart of the wilderness, Simbambili Lodge offers enchanting bush picnics and brunches. Indulge in delectable treats surrounded by the sights and sounds of the natural world. Whether it’s a mid-morning brunch beneath the shade of ancient trees or a picnic by a watering hole, each bite becomes a memory etched in the tapestry of your safari adventure.

**3. Lavish Lunches:
Retreat to the lodge after a morning of thrilling game drives and indulge in a lavish lunch experience. The culinary team at Simbambili crafts a menu that seamlessly fuses international sophistication with local ingredients. From light salads to hearty main courses, every dish is a testament to the chef’s dedication to culinary excellence.

**4. Afternoon High Tea:
Elevate your afternoon with a time-honored tradition: high tea with an African twist. Delight in an array of sweet and savory treats that accompany a selection of teas and beverages. Whether enjoyed in the elegant lounge or on your private deck, high tea at Simbambili Lodge is a moment of refined indulgence amidst the untamed beauty of the reserve.

**5. Sundowner Cocktails:
As the African sun begins its descent, Simbambili Lodge invites you to partake in the tradition of sundowner cocktails. Sip on expertly crafted beverages while perched on a scenic viewpoint or surrounded by the warm glow of a crackling fire. It’s a time to reflect on the day’s adventures and relish the transition from day to night in the heart of the wilderness.

**6. Exquisite Dinners:
The pinnacle of Simbambili’s culinary offerings is its exquisite dinners. Immerse yourself in the intimate ambiance of the lodge’s dining areas or choose to dine al fresco under the vast African sky. The dinner menu is a carefully curated symphony of flavors, showcasing the culinary team’s commitment to using the finest local ingredients. From succulent meats to inspired vegetarian dishes, each course is a culinary masterpiece designed to leave a lasting impression.

**7. Private Dining Experiences:
Simbambili Lodge goes above and beyond, offering private dining experiences for those seeking an even more intimate setting. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two on your private deck or a family celebration under the stars, the culinary team is dedicated to creating bespoke menus that cater to your preferences, ensuring a dining experience that is truly personalized and unforgettable.

An Invitation to Culinary Bliss:
At Simbambili Lodge, dining is not just a necessity; it’s a celebration of the senses. The culinary team’s dedication to culinary artistry, combined with the enchanting backdrop of the African bush, transforms every meal into a moment of sheer delight. From sunrise breakfasts to candlelit dinners, your culinary journey at Simbambili Lodge is an integral part of the safari experience, leaving you with memories of flavors and aromas that linger long after your departure. Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure where every bite is a revelation and every meal is a celebration of the extraordinary. Bon appétit!

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Simbambili Lodge Facilities

Thornybush Simbambili Lodge isn’t just a gateway to the African wilderness; it’s a destination where luxury extends beyond your private suite. The lodge’s facilities are a testament to a commitment to providing an all-encompassing experience that caters to the diverse needs of every guest. From wellness retreats to business endeavors, Simbambili Lodge ensures that every aspect of your stay is adorned with sophistication and convenience.

**1. State-of-the-Art Gym: For those seeking to maintain their fitness routine amidst the captivating landscapes of Thornybush Private Game Reserve, Simbambili Lodge boasts a state-of-the-art gym. Equipped with modern exercise machines and facilities, the gym allows guests to indulge in invigorating workouts while overlooking the pristine bushveld. Whether it’s an early morning session to kickstart your day or an evening unwind, the gym ensures that fitness enthusiasts can stay active while immersed in the lap of luxury.

**2. Serenity at the Spa: The Spa at Simbambili Lodge is a haven of tranquility, offering a range of pampering treatments that rejuvenate both the body and soul. Nestled within the serene landscape, the spa’s skilled therapists provide massages, facials, and wellness rituals designed to enhance relaxation and renewal. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the spa, where the sounds of nature harmonize with the gentle cadence of rejuvenation.

**3. Conference Facilities in the Wild: Simbambili Lodge caters not only to those seeking leisure but also to corporate travelers and event organizers. The lodge’s conference facilities are a unique blend of sophistication and natural beauty, providing an inspiring backdrop for business endeavors. Equipped with modern audio-visual technology and supported by attentive staff, Simbambili Lodge transforms meetings into memorable experiences, seamlessly blending business with the untamed allure of the African bush.

**4. Connectivity with Nature and the World: While Simbambili Lodge offers a retreat into nature, it understands the importance of staying connected. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge, ensuring that guests can share their safari adventures with loved ones or attend to business matters. This seamless connectivity allows you to balance the tranquility of the bush with the convenience of modern communication.

**5. Outdoor Lounges and Communal Spaces: Simbambili Lodge features outdoor lounges and communal spaces that invite guests to unwind in style. These chic areas provide the perfect setting for socializing, enjoying a sundowner, or simply taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you choose to gather around a firepit or relax in a comfortable lounge chair, these communal spaces are designed for relaxation and camaraderie.

**6. Sparkling Infinity Pool: Overlooking the vast expanse of the Thornybush landscape, Simbambili Lodge’s infinity pool is a shimmering oasis. The pool area offers a refreshing respite after a day of safari adventures, allowing guests to cool off while absorbing the breathtaking scenery. With comfortable loungers and attentive service, it’s a place to bask in the African sun or witness the magic of a sundown dip.

**7. Library and Reading Nooks: For those who seek a moment of quiet contemplation, Simbambili Lodge provides a well-stocked library and cozy reading nooks. Immerse yourself in literature that reflects the spirit of Africa or simply enjoy the serenity of these thoughtfully designed spaces. It’s a retreat within a retreat, catering to the diverse interests of the lodge’s esteemed guests.

Simbambili Lodge transcends expectations, not only through its wildlife encounters and lavish accommodations but also through its world-class facilities. Whether you’re yearning for a workout, a spa escape, a business conference with a view, or a seamless connection to the digital world, Simbambili Lodge ensures that every guest’s needs are not only met but exceeded. It’s a destination where the extravagance of facilities harmonizes with the natural beauty of the African bush, creating a retreat that truly caters to the desires of the discerning traveler. Your stay at Simbambili Lodge is not just a journey into the wild; it’s an immersion into a world where luxury, convenience, and natural beauty seamlessly converge.

Simbambili Lodge Gym